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Our Programs

Mondays/Wednesdays  9:15-11:15
Tuesdays/Thursdays   9:15-11:15
The emphasis of the program will be on developing independence and the ability to separate from a parent or caregiver for a short period of time as well as learning to socialize appropriately with peers.  Children will be introduced to basic concepts such as colors and shapes.  Activities will include stories, fingerplays, music, and movement.   Children will have opportunities to develop large and fine motor skills as they explore the classroom and use manipulative materials.
Children must turn two by December 1st
This program will foster independence and the ability to separate from a parent or caregiver, as well as extend social and academic skills.  Participation in group activities, following a classroom routine, and interacting successfully with peers and teachers in the classroom will be encouraged.  Age-appropriate academic skills will be intertwined with classroom activities, projects, lessons, and stories selected based on the developmental needs of the class.
Children must turn three by December 1st
Tuesday/Thursday   9:00-11:30
Monday-Thursday  9:00-12:00
  This program meets 3 or 5 days per week. Our curriculum is designed to support State Standards and provide developmentally appropriate learning opportunities throughout their daily routine. It allows students the ability to practice skills necessary for a successful transition to Full Day Kindergarten.
Children must turn four by December 1st
Monday/Wednesday/Friday   9:00-11:30
Monday-Friday (5 Day)   9:00-12:00
Christ Clarion offers a 5 day Transitional Kindergarten program designed for those that are not quite ready for kindergarten, but need more than the traditional preschool program. This bonus year offers children the opportunity to grow in confidence and ability. The curriculum used is based on the New York State Learning Standards and designed for young five year olds.  

Monday-Friday (5 Day)   9:00-12:00
Christ Clarion is excited to offer four programs to enrich your child's preschool experience.  Each class meets one day per week.  Enrichment classes run from October through the end of May.

Camp Cool features a different play theme each week for three weeks at the end of our current school year.  The format is somewhat different than our school day to give the program more of a summer feel.  The camp is open to all Christ Clarion students currently enrolled in our threes, fours or TK programs.  Camp runs from 9am-12pm three days a week.  The dates and themes for this summer's program will be sent home with registration information in March.

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