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Is Christ Clarion a social or academic preschool?


At Christ Clarion we are committed to providing children with an environment that encourages social, intellectual, physical, creative and moral development in children through discovery and play.  Our curriculum is designed around events that occur naturally within children’s lives, and it helps our teachers work together to balance different activities and approaches to maximize each child’s learning and development. The desired outcome is to nurture each child’s social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development in order to prepare them for elementary school situations, as well as to foster independence in daily routines and inspire a love of learning.   

Our curriculum reflects our belief that children learn best through active participation and play.  Our program balances teacher-directed activities with those resulting from children’s interests and choices.  Teachers provide materials and equipment that spark children’s interests and encourage experimentation and active participation.  Strategies and materials are modified to respond to the needs and interests of each individual student to enhance the learning and development of each child.



How will I know how my child is doing in school?


A week in January has been reserved for parent/teacher conferences.  We have found this exchange of ideas and information to be invaluable in helping us to understand your child's needs.  All parents will be asked to schedule an appointment in January.  However, this does not mean that we don't want to see you until then.  Please do talk to us from time to time about your child's progress.  If there seems to be any kind of problem at school, we will notify you.  If you have a problem, or are concerned about something, please call us either at school or at home.  Feel free to call for a conference at any time during the year.  Two year old teachers will not be holding conferences.



Is it required that my child be toilet trained?


When children are registered for Preschool as early as January, it is difficult to predict where a child will be in the toilet training process by September. While we are aware that each child has their own timetable, our facility follows the NYS Education Department regulations which requires that all students in the 3s, 4s, and 5 year old classes be toilet trained.  Children are to be toilet trained by the first day of school.  We do know that accidents will happen.  Please don't worry about this.  Your child will always be treated with respect and understanding.  If a change is needed, we have clean clothing at school for this purpose.  Please launder it for us and return it during the next class.

If your child is not reliably toilet trained by October 8th, we kindly request that you keep your child at home to focus on this training, as consistency is essential in developing this skill. We will be happy to support your efforts when your child returns to school.

What holidays do you celebrate in class?

We celebrate any religious and cultural holidays that reflect the experiences of the children in our classes.  It is an educational experience for the children to be exposed to the holidays their friends celebrate.



How do you celebrate each child's birthday?


Parents are invited to join us for their child's birthday celebration in class.  A special birthday treat is welcome to share with the class at snacktime.  Parents often enjoy reading a favorite story to the class.  We ask that parents coordinate their child's special day with the teachers.



As a parent, how can I participate in class?


There are many ways that parents can participate in class. These include, but are not limited to:

- Schedule a special visit so you can share your occupation or hobby with the class.

-Offer to drive and chaperone a field trip.

-Offer to read a book to the class.

-Bring in a special pet to share.

-Come to just help on a particular day.  We especially appreciate extra hands during the snowy season when we "suit up" for the playground.

If you have another idea of how you might be able to help, just discuss it with your child's teachers.

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