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The years before children enter public school are vital in developing basic personality.   Life is new and strange, full of first-time experiences.  As children learn about themselves, other people and the world, their attitudes toward life begin to develop.  Christ Clarion Community Preschool is designed to serve the community by providing a program to foster social, intellectual, physical, creative and moral development through activity and discovery.


Children are helped with the transition from home to school in a natural and comfortable way.  Through day-to-day experiences, children are encouraged to understand themselves and their relationships with those around them.  A wide variety of creative activities are provided through which the children may enjoy free expression and personal enrichment.   These experiences help develop a readiness for school situations, independence in daily routines, and a love for learning.


The preschool is a self-supporting, non-profit, professional program organized to provide a well-rounded beginning to the process of learning and and developing social consciousness.  The school is open to all, regardless of race, religion, or national origin.

Programs Offered

Two Year Olds

Mon, Wed               9:15-11:15

Tues, Thurs             9:15-11:15

*Must be 2 by Dec 1, 2019

Three Year Olds

Tues, Thurs             9-11:30

Tues, Thurs, Fri      9-11:30

*Must be three by Dec 1, 2019


Mon, Wed, Fri          12:30-3

*Must be three by June 1, 2019


Four Year Olds and Young Fives

Mon - Fri                 9-12

*Must be 4 by Dec 1, 2019


Mon, Wed, Fri        9-11:30

*Must be 4 by Dec 1, 2019

Mon, Wed, Fri         12:30-3

*Must be 3 by June 1, 2019

Transitional Kindergarten Class

Mon-Fri                     9am-12pm

*Must by 5 by Dec. 1, 2019


Literature for Little Learners

Tues                           12:30-3

*Must be four by Dec 1, 2019



Thurs                        12:30-3

*Must be four by Dec 1, 2019

Arts & Smarts

Mon                           12:30-3

Wed                           12:30-3

*Must be 3 by Dec 1, 2019

Camp Cool

*Open to all Christ Clarion students in the three and four year old classes and is held in June.  Dates and additional information will be posted in late winter.




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